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Even our instruments require replacement eventually.

WK Model History details our LCR products from 1960 and suggests a suitable replacement.

For further guidance on instrument selection please Contact Us.

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We have moved to larger premises in Bognor Regis.

Please make a note of our new contact details for all Sales, Service and Technical Support Enquiries.

Wayne Kerr Electronics
Unit 1A
Durban Road
Bognor Regis
West Sussex

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6500P Series

Components can be quickly and accurately measured from 20Hz to 120MHz. Ideal choice for verification of passive components in the laboratory, production or test environments.

All 6500P instruments may be externally controlled using the GPIB or LAN interface.
  • Precise high frequency LCR meter
  • Seven models with maximum frequencies from 5MHz (6505P) to 120MHz (65120P)
  • Fast measurement speed
  • 0.05% basic measurement accuracy
  • C, L, R, X, G, B, D, Q, Z, Y,
  • Comprehensive measurement functions
  • Easy to use with large TFT touch screen
  • Fully programmable over GPIB and LAN
  • Keyboard and mouse control option
  • Unbeatable price
        Data sheet Specification

4300 Series

A range of easy to use LCR meters with comprehensive measurement functions.

Accurate and fast measurements may be made from 20Hz to 1MHz (43100) making the 4300 series the ideal choice for many applications in the test or production environments.

All 4300 series instruments may be externally controlled using the standard RS232 or GPIB interfaces.
  • Measure components up to 1MHz
  • Four models with maximum frequencies from 100kHz (4310) to 1MHz (43100)
  • Fast measurement speed
  • 0.1% basic measurement accuracy
  • Comprehensive measurement functions including DC resistance (Option)
  • Internal and external DC Voltage bias
  • Easy to use
  • RS232, GPIB, USBTMC and LAN external control
  • Protection against charged capacitors
  • Small size and light weight
  • Unbeatable price
        Data sheet Specification
Impedance Analysis
Wound Component
C, L, Z, Y, X, B, Rac, G, Q, D, , Graphical Sweep, Meter Mode, Large Colour LCD Display, Resonance Search, Equivalent Circuit Analysis, Data Storage and Retrieval, Binning, GPIB, LAN C, L, Z, Y, X, B, Rac, Rdc, G, Q, D, , Resonant Search, Graphical Sweep, Multi-frequency Capacitor, Binning, GPIB, RS-232, LAN L, C, R, Rdc, Q, D, , DC Bias, Sequence Test, Binning, GPIB
6505B 6510B 6515B 6520B 6530B 6550B 65120B 4310 4320 4350 43100
6430B 6440B
6505P 6510P 6515P 6520P 6530P 6550P 65120P
3255BL 3255B 3255BQ
3265B/5A 3265B/10A
3265B/25A 3265BQ/25A 3261A
Impulse / Surge Test
C, L, Z, Rac, Rdc, Q, D, ,  Primary L+Q, Primary Leakage Inductance, Secondary Leakage Inductance, Interwinding Capacitance, Turns Ratio, DC Bias, Sequence Test, Binning, GPIB ADSL, ISDN, Transformer, POTS Splitter, Insertion Loss, Return Loss, Transverse Balance, Longitudinal Balance, Total Harmonic Distortion High Voltage, Waveform Area Size, Differential Area Size, Flutter Value, Corona Value, Waveform Comparison, Learn Component, RS-232
3255BL 3255B 3255BQ
3265B/5A 3265B/10A
3265B/25A 3265BQ/25A
3261A 7720
DC Power Source


Modulation Analysis
Recommended replacements for the obsolete Wayne Kerr/Farnell AP series of power supplies. Modulation Meter, Automatic Modulation Meter, GPIB
AP Series Replacements 257

Product Comparison
Impedance Analysis
Wound Components
Impulse/Surge Test
Modulation Analysis
DC Power Supplies

A40100, A40180
1006, 1008, 1009
1905A, A40120

Impedance Analyzers
6500B Series

Component Analyzers

HF LCR Meters
6500P Series

LCR Meters
4300 Series

Precision Magnetics Analyzer

Inductance Analyzers
3255B Series

High Current DC Bias
3265B Series

Lab Power Supplies
AP Series Replacements


Impulse / Surge Tester

Modulation Analyzer

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