1J1015 2-Terminal 125A Fixture


The 1J1015 Conventional Body 2-Terminal High Current Fixture is used to connect a Wayne Kerr Analyzer (3255B or 3260B) and DC Bias Unit (3265B) system to a conventional body Device Under Test and pass up to 125 A DC bias current.

Suitable models

The 1J1015 Fixture can be used with the following systems:


DC Bias Unit

Maximum measurement frequency

Maximum DC bias current



200 kHz

125 A using 5 units in parallel


500 kHz


1 MHz



1 MHz

125 A using 5 units in parallel


3 MHz

50 A using 2 units in parallel

Technical Specification

Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 3 MHz (dependent on analyzer model)

DUT Temperature: 200 ºC for 1 hour

Connections: The measurement leads are connected to the analyzer (3255B/3260B) front panel BNC’s

The high current leads are connected to the high current terminals of the 3265B DC Bias Unit

2-terminal connection to the leads of the Device Under Test

Safety: When the fixture cover is opened, the safety interlock will operate and stop the DC bias current.

Dimensions: 185 mm x 115 mm x 130 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 1.75 kg


  • Wayne Kerr 3255 Series

  • Wayne Kerr 3260 Series

  • Wayne Kerr 3265 Series

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